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Services Overview

In Decathlon, we believe that where possible decisions should be made closest to where the consequences are felt. We believe in a decentralized organisation to give freedom to each store to make decisions for themselves, strongly supported and assisted by expertise in our central office based in London.

We are looking for passionate sports people with expertise in Finance, Marketing, IT and more to drive the business and provide the stores the service required to conquer their local market.

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Why Join Us

We believe in having a happy team above all else. We do not believe in zero hour contracts, but we do believe in investing in our teammates for the long term. We believe in giving all team mates the opportunity to become shareholders. We believe in sharing the profit we create with each Decathlete through our profit sharing scheme. We believe in each teammate having one day per month dedicated entirely to them and their development.  We are investors in people. We are Decathlon UK.