When can I apply to the Graduate Opportunities?

We are expanding rapidly within the UK which means that we are continuously recruiting all year round. Check out our recruitment website for our latest career opportunities. www.jobs.decathlon.co.uk.

Can I apply to more than one position in Decathlon?

You can apply to multiple positions within the company, remember to always emphasise your passion for sport and ultimately, be yourself!

Do I need a minimum degree to apply for a management role?

For all entry level roles, Sports Advisor, Department Manager, Logistics Manager and Warehouse Operative, having a degree is not mandatory. Your personality and your passion for sport is worth more to us!

I cannot find any vacancies in my local store - What do I do?

We recruit locally to, it is always worth visiting your local store with your CV to let them know you are interested. All of our other vacancies are posted on our Decathlon Jobs website, there may be an exciting new location for you to start a new adventure!

What are the next steps after my online application?

If your application is successful, you will receive an email or a telephone call from one of our Store Managers inviting you to attend a Decathlon Recruitment day. Here, you should expect to take part in group activities along with individual interviews. We also like to involve sport in our recruitment process,so be prepared to bring your kit!

What if my application is unsuccessful?

You will receive an email from one of our Store Managers with your application feedback, they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you have in order to strengthen your application for next time. If you are unsuccessful at interview, a member of our recruitment panel will give you instant verbal feedback on the day. Even if you fail at the first hurdle, please do not stop trying. We like people who have resilience, be sure to learn from your mistakes and try again!

What training will I receive when I start my new management role?

You will spend six months on a Department being coached by your Store Manager and experienced Department Managers. Your training will be hands on, fast paced and conducted in real life conditions. You will begin to learn the basics of the job role in order to give you a fundamental understanding of how our business model works. After you have mastered the basics you will then take on more managerial responsibilities. For more information surrounding our management roles, check out our career progression section. 

Contact Details

You can contact us through the email onehr@decathlon.com