Move people through the wonders of sports

Sport is our way of life in Decathlon UK. Each teammate embraces dynamism and activity and you can be sure that you have something to talk about each day with anyone: sports. This is what it means to be a Decathlete: individuals become team players and your co-workers become your teammates.

Thrive in a collective environment

Often we ask ourselves: Why do we work so well together? The answer is simple — we are on the same wave and we love what we do, we challenge ourselves to be better every day, celebrate victories together, and find the moments to play sports with each other.

Progress through trust and support

As a Decathlete, you will have the autonomy to build your career path, whether it’s in your specific field or another. We will do our best to help you reach your full potential locally and globally. We will provide you with the challenge, space, and support to build your own project and succeed..

Belong in an innovating project

We are a project that is transforming, changing, and progressing. As we face new challenges, we need the right technologies, developments, and ideas to sustainably make the benefits and pleasures of sports accessible to the many. All while innovating ways on how to better take care of our teammates.

All while given the opportunity to take care of people and the planet