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Retail Overview

They say that retail will change more in the next five years than it has in the past fifty. For this reason alone retail is one of the most interesting and challenging industries to be a part of. In our quest to make sports accessible, our goal is to be wherever we are needed, whenever we are needed, however we are needed.

Our Culture

You will play a vital part in providing the best offer and service for your local customer allowing them to practice their sport, no matter what. You will be part of a vibrant team where you will adopt a “work hard, play hard” ethic making sure every victory is celebrated.

Your Training

The first person responsible for your development is you. In Decathlon we commit to having available every training that you need to perform in your role today and also for your own personal development. The rest is then down to you, but you will always have a monthly meeting with your coach who will support and guide you along the way.