We Do What We Love

Every Decathlete has the freedom to shape their own career path in Decathlon. You never know where your journey may take you!

Women In Leadership

Meet Emma our Sustainability Leader...

"I started my career in March 2010 as a Department Manager at the Glasgow store. I progressed to Operations Manager in Sheffield, and after many different positions in retail, I then had the opportunity to work in France to join the International Sustainability team. This is where I found my true passion because I've been given the opportunity to define my own career within Decathlon. I feel like I add value everyday to Decathlon UK and contribute to becoming a low carbon business who has a positive impact on both people and the planet!"


Meet Ben our Country Leader for Decathlon Scotland...

"I started back in 2007 as a Department Manager in Stockport. Since then I've had an amazingly varied career including being Store Manager, being the National Market Manager for my passion sport (Football), then leading our transformation in the UK from a management hierarchy towards a network, promoting coaching and self management and development. I now lead the Decathlon Scotland project! This coaching role has allowed me to travel all over the world, to train other teammates in places like Russia, Australia and Hong Kong. I love team meetings, meeting new faces and playing sport together!"


Meet Amy, our Store Manager in Tamworth...

Amy started her journey in 2016 as a Logistics Department and Transport Manager. She then made the switch to retail as a Department Manager in Nottingham, and today she leads our Tamworth store. "During my time at Northampton I was given the freedom and responsibility to create my own path from day one. We were relocating to a bigger warehouse and I was the Recruitment Leader, organising weekly recruitment days for 20-30 candidates to try and double our team from 200 to 400 teammates! There were some challenging times but being trusted by my Leader and the experience I gained in logistics has helped me to get to where I am today."


Meet Jumal, our intern in Marketing...

"I'm currently the recruitment marketing placement student working in services at Surrey Quays Flagship store. This company is for the sport lovers and it’s what brings us all together. My responsibilities are wide ranging from looking after the job’s website, the careers support and the social media with the content creation. It's been really amazing having support behind me constantly. I enjoyed my placement so much that I have now joined Decathlon on a part-time basis whilst finishing my studies, to oversee the decathlon jobs social media platforms!"


Meet Siggy our Digital Innovation Leader...

"In the last 5 years, I have worked on the Digital Customer Experience, Communication, Platform, and now more as the Digital Innovation Leader. My focus is to help Decathlon by leveraging the power of technology. I've also had the opportunity to be on the board of a few countries to support them. It’s difficult to pinpoint a single fondest memory as there are so many amazing times: every store openings, international synergies, team days and mid-year events. Each of them has been a time to meet new people, learn about different cultures and the knowledge shared has definitely enriched my life."

  • Finance

    Meet Yusef one of our Financial Business Partners...

    "I joined Decathlon in 2001 as a Part time Workshop Technician in Surrey Quays. I was already a cycling customer, and I was amazed by the range available in the store. Also, the team was infectious with the energy, so it was really a no brainer to apply. Over the years I've had many roles in retail, from Workshop Technician to Store Manager and now Financial Business Partner. The reasons why I love Decathlon is because it’s all about sport, like-minded passionate people working together towards the same goal, having a large amount of freedom and responsibility in different roles."

  • Apprenticeships

    Meet Claudio, one of our Workshop technician...

    "I currently work at the Decathlon Eastlands store. I enrolled on the Cytech course in November 2017. I went to London to do the practical part of the apprenticeship where I spent two weeks learning everything from brake bleeding to wheel building. Then each week, I had coursework to complete to tick off the engineering side of the apprenticeship. Overall, it was an amazing experience that allowed me to gain all the confidence I needed to tackle these jobs on a weekly basis in store. It's definitely something I would recommend."

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