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Department Manager

Your Role:

As a Department Manager you will be leading your own business from day one. You will have the responsibility of recruiting, training and developing energetic Sports Advisors and Sport Leaders all with the purpose of delivering exceptional service to your customers. Through the management of your own profit and loss account you will learn the fundamentals of accounting in order to grow and sustain your business within your local area.


Your Responsibilities:

Team –At Decathlon our teammates come first, as a Department Manager you’ll invest your time and resources into the development of your team and in doing so will facilitate their growth and progression in the company.

Customer Service – Your customers will always be at the forefront of your attention, together with your team you’ll listen to their feedback in order to make improvements to the service and products that you provide. At Decathlon we believe that our customers should leave our stores either Satisfied or Satisfied.

Team Player - At Decathlon, we are a global sporty family,  we are all team players and it is our mission to ensure that the fundamentals of our role are shared and prioritised above everything else. We all play a part in taking care of our team, our customers, our business and our planet.

Partnerships– Once your business is thriving, you’ll then have the freedom to reach out into your community and work with your local sport clubs, schools, and businesses to develop partnerships. Here is where you will apply your networking skills in order to strengthen your brand and to make sport accessible within your community.

Brand - You will work closely with your brand to choose the best products for your customers. You’ll choose all of the ranges within your sport and adapt your business to the current market. You’ll also organise events in your local area to increase brand awareness and customer participation in sport.

Project - Together with your team, you’ll build a long term project surrounding the commercial policy of your sports. You’ll identify and maximise the key sports in your department and will ensure that this aligns with your customers’ needs. You will lead and drive the project forward with your team to deliver your common purpose.

Duty Management- You will take on even more responsibility by leading duty management procedures in store. You will prioritise and manage customer and staff safety, store commerciality, building maintenance and customer satisfaction day to day.


Who are you?

A Self-starter with a huge passion for sport.

Open minded with an innate sense of service to help others.

A team player who thrives in fast paced and changing environments.

A natural leader who can invest in the development of others.


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