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Closing Date: 
Monday, March 23, 2020
Store Region: 
Store Phone No:
01614 769 600
Job Role: 
Any Sport
Employment type: 
Full time

Your Role: 


As North West Talent Acquisition Leader your key purpose is to sustainably source a diverse pool of high quality candidates adhering to the changing needs of the city/region. By identifying and selecting innovative recruitment channels, your role is to develop a steady stream of ambitious, capable and sporty candidates that are ready to take responsibility.


Your Responsibilities


I construct the talent acquisition strategy for Decathlon North West:


  • I analyse the current situation, retention rate, recruitment methods + structures already in place

  • I anticipate the future talent requirements of the city/catchment and, working with the leaders of area, create a strategy to cater for the short, medium and long term needs.


I attract the best quality candidates for my city/catchment: 



  • I explore and select relevant recruitment channels in my city to ensure that the flow of applications meets the needs of my business units (in keeping with the seasonal peaks). 

  • I animate and project the Decathlon purpose and values in all external and internal communication. 

  • I establish and maintain high quality links with Universities/relevant 


I provide the best selection process in my city:


  • I organise and facilitate Decathlon Recruitment days in my City 

  • I research and keep updated with all recruitment and trends, I share recruitment tools, policies, procedures with my business leaders. 

  • I train my teammates on the Decathlon Recruitment Process in order to ensure full autonomy at the local level.