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8 years ago, off the back of my marine sport science degree and a few years working abroad, I was...

8 years ago, off the back of my marine sport science degree and a few years working abroad, I was googling 'sports jobs' and was lucky enough to stumble across Decathlon, so I gave it a shot! After the interview I knew I wanted to work for Decathlon... They appeared to offer the ability to combine business and sport, and they had far more interest in my achievements outside of education (sport, travel, charity, languages etc) which was refreshing! They spoke about their brand centres in France, and back in 2012 I already knew that I wanted the chance to work for the Tribord sailing brand based in Hendaye, and so I joined the team to begin working towards that goal.

I have experienced 3 roles within the store environment in 3 different UK locations - department manager, operations & customer services manager, and store manager, and within those the opportunity to manage a store refurb and the opening of a new store from the planning phase to the reality ! This was undoubtedly a huge task, an emotional rollercoaster but it was an amazing feeling to open the doors with the Decathlon team to serve our first customer in the Poole area! 

Following this, I was immensely grateful for the opportunity to realise my dream, and I relocated to France for 18 months to work for the Tribord sailing brand, in a dual role as a merchandiser and sailing commercial leader for the UK. It was amazing to see what happens before the product hits the shelf (conception, design, prototypes, testing, supply, commercial direction to name a few) and to be able to immerse myself in one sport, surrounded by a team who are all passionate sailors (it didn't hurt that the office is in a beautiful beach location!)

Following this, I've moved back to the UK to launch a new project based in the South region, focusing on watersports participation. This role has opened totally new experiences to me, from organising watersports events, to leading commercial events such as the Southampton boat show to working with the teams on instore experience and product training. 

I'm a person who gets bored quite easily, but Decathlon has kept me on my toes! I really appreciate the opportunity that I have everyday to link my passion sports with my professional life, and I love the sporty people that I share my day with, the opportunity to travel and the team meetings are always fun (particular highlight being the surf trip to Newquay with the Decathlon Reading team!)  

In short, it's a dynamic company, for dynamic people! 

I started at the Decathlon Sheffield store as a Sales Advisor  whilst studying at University....

I started at the Decathlon Sheffield store as a Sales Advisor  whilst studying at University. Decathlon was particularly appealing to me as I had fond memories from when I was younger and my love for sport.  My Decathlon journey has taken me through different roles in different cities from Department Manager up to Store Manager and now UK Commercial Leader for Mountain Sports. This is a role I've held for the last 3-4 years bring my time in the company to 11 years. 

My fondest memory of the company I'd say is opening a new store as Store Manager, there's nothing quite like it. The responsibility and autonomy; the need to recruit the entire team of managers and staff, the creation of the stores commercial offer, partnerships in the local community, the buzz of opening the doors for the first time! The whole experience was only made possible by the incredible team there, it was more like a family, albeit a sporty and competitive one!

I love the freedom I have to take decisions, the ability to be as creative as I want in my day to day work, the level of trust that is given by the company and most importantly, the people I work with!

I started my journey with Decathlon in May 2016 as a Hiking Sports Advisor in the Braehead store....

I started my journey with Decathlon in May 2016 as a Hiking Sports Advisor in the Braehead store. At the time I was a physics student at Glasgow University, but I was curious about finding a job in sport sector. I knew almost nothing about Decathlon when an old hockey teammate who had travelled the world with Decathlon recommended I should have a look. Little did I know when I joined the team for a summer job that I would stumble upon my future career! Since then I have been lucky to experience a year as Hiking Department Manager and two years as Operations Manager in Braehead.

The opportunity to share my passion for sport with my colleagues and customers every day had me hooked from day one. This shared interest makes for an amazing working environment that I had never experienced before. I can remember very clearly the day of Andy Murray's Wimbledon final in 2013, when I was working in a previous hospitality job. None of the team could understand why I was so desperate to do the glass run so that I could swing by my phone at the back door where I was streaming the match. Decathlon is the complete opposite - no matter what sport you are interested in, everyone has a shared buzz about the sporting news of the day.

In only a few years my adventure with Decathlon has taken me to France, Spain and many new corners of the UK, and I have been lucky to work with Decathletes from over 20 different countries. My passions for Trekking and Hockey have given me the chance to get involved with the co-creation and testing of our Forclaz and Korok products, and I have been introduced to many new sports including cycling which has become a bit of an addiction in the hockey off-season!

In my current role I love that no two days are the same, and I enjoy a lot of responsibility with the freedom to take risks, try new things and make mistakes. Operational topics present great challenges and the chance to learn something new every day. I am always problem solving and trying to improve our processes for the benefit of our teammates and customers. I aim to create a platform for our team and business to thrive through effective management of our facilities, health and safety and finances.

I'm passionate about the playground we have in Scotland, and hope to play my part in bringing the many benefits of sport to the Scots through the opening of more stores in the coming years. Let's see where this adventure takes us!

Decathlon’s purpose is to make sport accessible to everyone which is completely aligned with...

Decathlon’s purpose is to make sport accessible to everyone which is completely aligned with my own values. I believe sports to be a fantastic source of learning, growth and above all fun for everyone and it is why I love what I do!

It’s thanks to Decathlon that I found a new passion, Road Cycling. Working with passionate cyclists and learning about the products I hung up my football boots and set out on two wheels. Cycling has taken me across the UK, across Europe and I hope one day, across the world.

Professionally, I have experienced many different things over the past 9 years with the company. A highlight for me was being a part of the Discover Decathlon events which we organised in 2012, allowing our customers to practice different sports for free at our stores during the London Olympics. We had everything from beach volleyball to free swimming lessons with former Olympians.

As a business management graduate, I aspired to become a Store Manager. Building my own business and making sports accessible in a new city. In 2014 I opened the Oxford store as Store Manager and it was an invaluable experience as I have learnt so much and met so many different people. It is without a doubt the most challenging, yet rewarding role I’ve had in the company.

Today, I work as Recruitment Leader and my goal is to make people aware of the fantastic and varied opportunities that there are here at Decathlon. But above all, to find people like myself who believe sport is more than just a hobby and want to join us in our quest to make sports accessible to everyone!


I joined Decathlon in Jan 13, 2001 as a Part time Workshop Technician in Surrey Quays. I was...

I joined Decathlon in Jan 13, 2001 as a Part time Workshop Technician in Surrey Quays. I was already a cycling customer, and I was also amazed by the size and the range available in the store, as before that I had not seen anything like this in London at the time.  Also, the team was infectious with the energy and their enthusiasm for the job, so it was really a no brainer. 

My Different Roles in Decathlon have been Workshop Technician, Sports Advisor, Department Manager, Operations Manager, Store Manager in Training, Store Manager and Now Financial Business Partner.

The memories I’ve made at this company is almost countless. But the stand outs I would say are Opening the Lakeside as Department Manager, Being part of the transformation of Surrey Quays and Lakeside.  Most of all working with amazing people with I consider some of closest friends!

The Reasons I love this company is that It’s all about sport. The like-minded passionate people in this company, the agility of the company and the amount of freedom and responsibility you are given in the different roles

Today I work as a Financial Business Partner which is a complete switch from the life in the store.  This shows that opportunities are many and varied. My new journey is to work on the financial sustainability of the Decathlon UK so that we continue to make sport accessible for many generations to come!

I joined Decathlon because it wasn’t just a job. It was a job with prospects and the...

I joined Decathlon because it wasn’t just a job. It was a job with prospects and the opportunity for a career in management and retail and also the potential opportunity to work abroad as Decathlon was starting to open in other Asian and European markets. Sport has always been a big part of my life and I wanted to lead and work with a team. I had some experience in retail from the past and I was able to combine my passion of sport with my job.

I have had the opportunity over the past 8 years to help so many different people grow in the company. I often meet people in their first few days with us and they are sometimes a bit overwhelmed. Amazingly, you then see them progress and develop and really start to make a difference. This is what I love. I also love that the job varies a lot and you're not always stuck doing the same thing over and over again from day to day. It’s definitely not a 9 to 5!

The highlight though has to be being part of the team which opened the first store in Australia. The road to opening the store was far from smooth, but to see so many people come through the doors in the first few days and hearing so many positive comments about the store, the team and the products was simply amazing.

Supply Chain Expert & Hiking Sport Leader
Decathlon Australia

My retail experience started in Boots during my A-levels and at University and I really liked the...
My retail experience started in Boots during my A-levels and at University and I really liked the environment. Lots of interaction, no desk… but Decathlon had the added benefits of being a international sports company so the possibility to work with something I was passionate about and with opportunities to progress was something I couldn’t ignore.
I’ve progressed from Department Manager in Sheffield to Store Manager through to Commercial Director and now I’m based in the south of France working for our Scuba Diving brand, Subea.
There’s a bit of a special mentality with Decathlon. Lots of people who love sport building a sports company. It’s a great mix of young and not so young so there is always plenty going on.  As for today it's the 19th September and 24 degrees outside and I've already been walking in the Pyrenees with the dog this morning and done an hour on the bike.
Decathlon's a great place for the open minded, hard working and resilient. If you’re ambitious, love sport, love people and want an international career then there are not a lot of other companies that offer as much. It has been awarded the #1 place to work in France for the past two years and I can honestly say I'm extremely happy both at work and home.
I do love the Christmas parties too. Glasgow was probably the best, acting out our favourite films in a sports store. From Rocky to Cool Runnings via ET, complete with flying bicycle.
Completing the 3 peaks challenge with my team was another great moment even if our outdoor training instructor had to stop after Ben Nevis. Or working as a Product Trainer (trained in the Alps and delivering in the Peak District)...  I should probably mention meeting my wife as a highlight at some point…?
I've been working with Decathlon for 15 years and I've probably got another 25+ before I retire so I'm just going to continue to do my bit to help make excellent, affordable sports products. I would like in the future to come back to the UK to work again in retail as opposed to product development but also Canada and Australia are areas I have my eye on for the future.
Retail Supplier
My Decathlon journey started back in 2006, working Part Time as a Sports Advisor in my local store...

My Decathlon journey started back in 2006, working Part Time as a Sports Advisor in my local store in Stockport. I had friends working there and I love sport so I thought ‘why not’?

I never imagined what would unfold over the next 12 years and where I could take myself with this company.

I’ve been a Department Manager, Operations Manager, Store Manager (for both the biggest stores in the UK and Australia) and now I’m the Operations Leader for Decathlon Australia focussed on making sport accessible in a new country for us.

Opening the first store in Australia (Tempe, Sydney) has to be my favourite moment so far. A new city, country and continent for the company, the opening day and the full experience of the opening process will stay with me for the rest of my life. Everything about 2017 was incredible, but every day is a new start line and an opportunity to make new memories. My aim for the future is to continue to grow as a person and help others take the means to create their own journeys as I have done.

Decathlon has always offered me a high level of responsibility from day 1 and an incredible team to help me take that responsibility. I’ve always been encouraged to take risks and I would definitely recommend any new starters to do the same. Take risks, lots of them, ask advice, lots of it and make decisions, lots and lots of decisions, together.

Operations Leader, Decathlon Australia.

Decathlon is a really great company if you are the type of person who will take initiative. We don...

Decathlon is a really great company if you are the type of person who will take initiative. We don't have a classic 'Graduate Scheme' or 'Talent Path', but if you want something and are willing to work for it Decathlon is a fantastic place to be.

I started back in 2007 as a Department Manager in Stockport. I love sport and I wanted some experience in management so I applied. Since then I’ve had an amazingly varied career including being Store Manager of the store I started in, being the National Market Manager for my passion sport (Football) and most recently leading our transformation in the UK from a management hierarchy towards a network, promoting coaching and self management and development.

It’s this coaching role that has allowed me to travel all over the world having been asked to train other teammates in places like Russia, Australia and Hong Kong. I love team meetings, meeting new faces, playing sport together (and quite often having a few drinks together….)

The variety of my role is what I love the most. Today I have three separate jobs really and of course time management can be tough, but I actually get the pleasure of living three different experiences.

Looking to the future I would like to have maybe one more project linked to the commerce of the business and then potentially a long term look at how Decathlon UK can do more in the communities. Helping increase sport participation with children, reduce plastic, help with homelessness etc. I think what sets Decathlon apart is its values and in my view we can do more on this front.

UK Coaching Leader