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Cytech Apprenticeship Scheme

Our team mates passionate about cycling and repairing bikes have the opportunity to enrol in the Cytech Apprenticeship Scheme. We have seen many Decathletes successfully come through the apprenticeship with higher confidence and a broader knowledge of bike maintenance among other things. Contact your nearest store for more information if this is something which interests you.

"My name is Claudio and I currently work at the Decathlon Eastlands branch. I am very...

"My name is Claudio and I currently work at the Decathlon Eastlands branch. I am very passionate when it comes to cycling and working on bikes so when I was told of the opportunity to be a part of this apprenticeship I was jubilant. I enrolled on the course in November 2017 and during the first meeting after the sign up I was shown what the apprenticeship would cover and I was also given some homework.

The first 3 pieces of homework were based on health and safety, legislation, etc.
We then had a few more meetings in the next few months with more homework added to the mix. As well as completing the homework I also logged every hour spent in the workshop doing jobs which linked to the apprenticeship.

In May 2018 I went to London to do the practical part of the apprenticeship where I spent two weeks learning everything from brake bleeding to wheel building. It was a fantastic experience and I really enjoyed this, especially the wheel building as I had never done it previously. I also enjoyed brake bleeding as I wasn't very confident in this process but with all the training provided and with a helping hand given when needed I felt I gained all the confidence that I could get from this experience and I now tackle these jobs on a weekly basis in the store.

Once back from London and with all the knowledge that I gained I then put it into practice in the store as well as finishing off the rest of the homework to complete the engineering side of the apprenticeship.

The last step was to complete the exams for the Maths, English and ICT key skills and then in Nov 2018 I had my last meeting with the coordinator to complete the process and sign me off.

Overall it was an amazing experience and it is definitely something I would recommend to anyone that enjoys repairing and maintaining bicycles. It has taught me many things I didn't know as well as teaching me how to do things efficiently and to high standards."